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BT Versatility Telephone System

The BT Versatility telephone system is ideal for small to medium businesses and because it is a modular system, it can easily grow as your requirements change.

The BT Versatility comes pre configured as 2 line 8 extension Telephone system, but can be expanded to a maximum of 8 lines and 32 extensions in increments of 2 lines or 8 extensions. In addition, the BT Versatility is capable of having a voicemail feature added, as well as internet and hospitality features should they be required.

BT Meridian Telephone System

Meridian provides systems for the small home office to the boardroom, telephones and accessories with many styles, features, and functions for every type of customer.

BT Meridian Norstar has been the number one key telephone system in the world, thanks to its reliability, features and low cost.

We offer a wide range of Meridian phones to fit any need in your business - from the front desk to the conference room, and anywhere in between. Plus, each Meridian phone comes with a long list of standard features.
The desktop is just one place where Meridian phones really shine. Our telephones are some of the easiest to use, with Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD) to guide you through the use of each feature and application.

BT Meridian Norstar phone systems in small to medium sized installations are still a popular choice.

They offers flexibility, expandability, ISDN capability and a digitally integrated call processing system. Best of all, it's one of the most cost effective phone systems the market has to offer.