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Strata CIX family

The Strata CIX family consists of feature-rich, robust, reliable and easy-to-use communication platforms which can be configured according to the size and individual needs of your business.

Key benefits of Strata CIX: 

  • Built-in scalability and upgrade paths ensuring easy migration to new technology or a higher capacity system.
  • Common parts ensure protection of your investment.
  • Common functionality allowing organisations of all sizes to enjoy the same rich set of features.
  • Enhanced management information helping to improve performance and operational efficiency.
  • Ultimately flexible, ensuring that your business growth can be easily and cost-effectively reflected in your communication solution.
  • Easily evaluate incoming and outgoing call patterns, restrict access to long-distance calls, connect seamlessly to high-speed digital services or take advantage of IP telephony and SIP trunking (for more information on SIP trunking, click here).
  • Ensure that calls are automatically routed over the least costly trunk line or long-distance carrier.
  • Toshiba engineering innovations ensure you enjoy reliability superior to that of any similar-sized telephone system.
  • Toshiba solutions are designed to minimise the impact of technology on the environment, and allow you to do the same.

Strata CIX is a highly versatile and affordable system designed to deliver the ultimate in features and flexibility. It offers a range of solutions depending on the size of the business.
Whether a business is ready for IP telephony today or sometime in the future, implementing Strata CIX allows for the flexibility to decide when and where it makes sense to deploy an IP solution.
Strata CIX systems can be configured as a Pure or Hybrid IP solution, or for traditional end-points. Users are also able to take advantage of technologies such as Call Routing or CTI. The most popular CIX Solution for SMEs is Strata CIX40 which can be configured as a single site telephone system and added to as a business' communication needs grow. It can also be networked with existing CIX systems at other sites.